Vienna Real Estate and Travel

Vienna is one of the overlooked and underrated places that deserves to meet all the criteria of being the best cities in Europe, just like Paris, Budapest and Barcelona. Vienna is rich in history and it goes as back as to the 9th century, when the Roman Empire was protected from the attack by their rivals. Real estate is a premium in this beautiful city. Demand is high and so are the property prices. You will need a good realtor if you want the best chance of finding good real estate investments here.

There are some sites and astounding places in Vienna which makes it a deserving city to get placed in the list of most wonderful places to visit on Earth. However, visiting Vienna could be a nightmare if you do not have a proper budget management and a proper list of places to visit and maybe cover all places in less days.

This article will tell you how you can prepare yourself to pay a visit to Vienna for the first time.

The first step is to book your plane tickets. It is recommended to book your tickets online and in advance, mostly like 6 weeks before you plan to travel, so you can save around 40% of the ticketing cost. You can use several online booking sites to compare the airfare rates and can book the best seat well within your budget.

Your second step will be to book a budget, but great hotel. The factors you should keep in mind when booking a hotel is that it should be in the center of the city and near the bus terminal. So you can roam the city easily by local transport and save loads of cost when renting a car for your traveling inside Vienna.

Your next step is to apply for the visa and this can be done by paying a visit to your local Austrian embassy, consulate or high commission. In most cases, you will get your visa within two days. Just make sure that you present the copy of your ticket and hotel reservation in your visa application.

After reaching Vienna and getting to your hotel, you should now start getting the city explored! The first and major attraction that you should put on the top of must-see places in Vienna should be Schonnburn Palace. This state-of-the-art palace is situated in the center of the city and has a jaw dropping design. You can easily explore this site in a few hours. This place is easily reachable by walk, if you have booked your hotel in the middle of the city.